#1 Big daddy's materia house?!

cloudstrife on July 11, 2006

hey fellas thanks for stoppin by, I know a lot of people don't like sprites but I'm still learning to draw well, so please stick with me untill I can!

Sprites done by: Incognito Badassbill SemiJuggalo ?unknown? and Doku (?) So credit them please I don't want to be accused of stealing. I'm not quite sure what game they were edited from, but I'm pretty sure it was a Capcom game so give them credit.

Sorry my grammer isnt very good but I'm working on it…

And if anyone could help me I need characters for this: Tifa RedXIII Cait Sith Barret Sephiroth and please make sure they atleast kind of look like these ones thanks *Hugs everyone*