Late Page, Fancy Arts!

LoorTheDarkElf on Oct. 15, 2012

Hokay, so Loor had a looong ass week that has encompassed at least three major works of art, some writing, my wedding anniversery, and entering in two contests… so yeah. Late comic, I'll catch up as fast as I can.
On the flip side, I have this to show you. This is some art of the Goddess Nahema; goddess of fire. I did the lines, but not the color. No, a lovely lady by the name of Shelke did… and you may be interested to know that she's agreed to be my colorist. We'll be bringing her in at the beginning of chapter two! :D 
You can check the artwork on her DA page here: 
Now, Loor is gonna eat something and go to bed… because, as it's been noted, it's been a long frigging week.