Page 1

Silverwhirl on Aug. 6, 2008

I worked really hard on this page, it took 34 layers in PS.

I hope you like it.

The notes are from googling “sheet music” and they were the third result. The song itself really doesn't matter. The coloured part of the background I made on the awesome and astounding

And everything else I drew and coloured in photoshop.

And he's singing btw, but I didn't want to crowd the page with lyrics AND music so I just went with music.

You see the dude in the background on the first panel? His name is Fred. He has no plot importance, I just wanted to show that he wasn't singing to an empty room. There are many people in that room besides Fred. Anway. I'm thinking Fred needs a charactor page, and if I ever finish this comic he's deserves to have a short story at the end. Just ‘cause I’m very fond of Fred.

Hey, lookie, I ramble alot. Woo!