Painted Faces

Litindir on March 3, 2008

Here it is, the first page!
I wanted to start the comic in a good way, and I think a vase flying out of a shattered window I quite an interesting first panel.
You can already on this page spot some of the exiting news this comic brings. First, of course, we have the word balloons. I have a new technique to make them. They aren't really flawless on this page, but they will get better when I get used to the method.
And Harlequin has got new clothes! You don't see much of it here though, but you'll see a full body view of him on the next page (I'm thinking Thursday btw).
Oh, and if you don't recognize Harlequin and Pierrot above, that means you are a new reader and I suggest you read book one first.

Sooo, whatever does this little fight mean?
You'll see…