Korona Korm on Aug. 4, 2010

Axes are surprisingly hard to draw.
Cakes even more so, and that's no lie!
Also, making expressions with faces containing no features could be considered a challenge…
Okay, so it's been a year now! Celebrations! I've managed to accomplish 20 pages, 16 of which aren't filler, two hiatuses, a legion of devoted fans (I know you are out there somewhere, you just don't know it yourself yet), and hopefully have pissed off several companies.
May this continue!

About the comic, The Good Guys have recently appeared around my localle. This means their horrible singing has permeated the airways, appearing on the local television tube. As they couldn't sing to save their lives, and have the worst jingle since “We don't want to kill you, scouts honor!” I felt it necessary to extract some revenge. As I can't actually take an axe into one of their shops and start hacking, instead I just drew about it… However, if you see me standing beside the defense attorney, you will all be character witnesses as I plead temporary insanity due to permanent annoyance, right?

I have one more comic on this note, which I will probably air next week. So stay tuned.
The Guest comic now will not be going up until Monday, if I receive it by then. Have a nosey if you want, no promises, it's way out of my hands. Otherwise, see you Wed.

Korona Korm out!