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Aisu on April 30, 2007

Sorry it took me so long to post this. I was going to post it last friday but, I don't have a scanner and I use the one at work. Well on friday when I was going to scan it I was busy and only had time at the end of the day but the scanner didn't want to work for me. So I left my pages with my friend to scan and e-mail them to me. He did but I gave him the wrong e-mail address. Well heres the first page nothing much happens on this page just getting things started. I wanted to say thank you and i'll try to work as much as I can on this comic. Also if anyone from Zacs team is reading this. I need someone to beat up my character and capture him, send me a quack.^^" oh and yes this is not the same person from my main comic. Thank you all again.