What the artist does whilst waiting for scanner to get off it's period...

TehDante on Oct. 3, 2007

Don't get yer hopes up, it's just another filler…

Haha, but in all honesty, I suck. I hone tits on medium mode, but I just can't adjust to hard…that damn orange key! *kills it*

And for those of you who are curious, my tattoo is a tribal wolf bust (as in his head and chest) =) I loves him very much, even though he has decided to get really really itchy! >.< Musn't…itch…*twitch*

And the poster is Tila Tequila; she is so damn fine…and it's made all the hotter immediately by the fact that she has a katana… *drools*

Done ENTIRELY in MS Paint which is a pain in the BALLS but I did it for YOU GUYS because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Oh my Gawd what a wonderful person that Dante is!