It Begins With A Dab Of Poetry

Poetic Discord on Aug. 18, 2008

Laziness conquered, I finally started a webcomic.

Really don't expect much out of this though, I created this more for me than anything. This inane story is outside my realm of what I usually write, but I did this on purpose. Stories I write tend to be on the more serious side of the spectrum, but I usually get so caught up in the details of the plot that I never actually reach the stage where I draw the comic.


This is a lighthearted story. Its raw and not thought through, and I probably don't even realize how terrible it is. However, because I barely even care, the comic actually gets completed.


Actively drowning the perfectionist within me, I present Controleum. Whether or not you are having fun doesn't even matter to me, because frankly, I'm having a ball, and thats all that matters, really.