Marker - You Can't Hide From The Tracker You Can't See Following You

darth_paul on March 27, 2014

Marker is the last of the Enforcers, but there are still two more bios
that I will be presenting to finish off my “GPE Month” which will be
featuring the backbone rank and file regular Galactic Police Officers
and the special unit of Medi-Cops. So, look forward to those in the next
couple of days, but in the meantime please take the time to enjoy this
interesting fellow here. He was another character that went through a
lot of rewrites before I settled on how he looks now. In the end I
decided that since I already had “Pristine Ice” as the giant-growing
type on the team, that I should probably have someone at the opposite
end of the spectrum that shrinks as many super-teams do. With that idea,
I then decided to use a race that I had created that are very much like
a tribal people, but are also no strangers to high technology. Not
really a new idea, I know, but they're my version of such a concept all
the same, and so Marker became a character that is also somewhat
inspired by the old Super-Friends character “Apache Chief” but with
powers that are in reverse. :-)