06-24-08 - Father's Day 2008

crazyduck on Aug. 16, 2010

'Father's Day 2008'


I know Father's Day was on the 20th this year, but Crazy Duck follows Mike's life from January 2007 ‘til June 2010, and right now it’s only June 2008 in Crazy Duck's universe. And in June of 2008, Father's Day was on the 15th. Sorry if that's confusing! :|

Anyway, this comic was supposed to go up last week but I was having a terrible time with the art. I was trying these complicated shots and they were beyond my ability. In the end I just recycled the same shots I've used for the past few strips. Blaaaahhhh.

There are a couple of call-backs to older strips in this one.

A.) The picture Mike and Jill took in this strip. http://www.drunkduck.com/Crazy_Duck/index.php?p=426975

B.) And the whole strip is kind of recalling this scene from the end of the second chapter. http://www.drunkduck.com/Crazy_Duck/index.php?p=166622

Well, that's the end of this chapter! I'm going try and get another strip up for Thursday, so see you guys then. Thanks so much for reading!

- Mathew