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RaggedyMan37 on Oct. 11, 2010

Blimey, I think he should give Anglian Home Improvements a call?
So as promised Creed has returned home, I skipped quite a lot of walking to try keep you guys interested, just imagine lots of panels of walking and raining and you'll probably understand why I tend to cut journeys short.
The picture of the house is actually based upon one I took of my own, I'll probably take lots of photos of the interior of my house to draw from as well. Morbid, ay?
A little bit of background story, I felt the door looked a little plain, so I added that sticker to it. The story goes that around a year or two into WW3 Britain made an effort to send search parties around houses/buildings to assess whether or not they could be used for shelters. These teams would also grade the buildings they visited upon how ‘derelict’ they were, grade 5 being the worst. So as you can see, Creed's home has been feeling not so great for quite a while.