Time to Escape

patrickdevine on Oct. 22, 2009

One thing I learned about from an actual class on comic art is “spotting blacks,” which I have apparently been doing for quite some time without really realizing it. Basically spotting blacks is adding more solid blacks to emphasize depth and to keep the eye moving around the page. This is really the first page that I did this consciously, previously I'd been doing it because I didn't like the excess white space.
@usedbooks: Hopefully you're having better luck with your job search than I am with mine!
Madeline's dad is quite a character isn't he? I don't think that's a beer– probably something a bit heavier, like whiskey or gin. The cops probably should profile guys like this but Saint Loraine police are pretty corrupt and uncaring.
@Peipei: Sorry to keep ya waiting, I'm glad that I didn't disapoint though. As for running away, Madeline seems to have the idea– you might notice that she doesn't live with her parents anymore.
@Warped: Hey, cool about owning a house! There's other options like getting housemates if you haven't already. Of Course there's always the problem of finding *good* housemates.
@Zephyrion and khard12: Thanks!
@amanda: Post Apocalyptic dance parties do sound like a good time. I imagine that Madeline's mom is the sort of person that likes to pretend that this isn't happening just because she can't deal with it.
@Trevor: Oh yeah, hopefully book sales and distribution are going all right. Have you been scheduling speaking arrangements at libraries and bookstores and things?
I've also got to rough a six-page final project pretty soon, that's gonna take up a lot of time!
@theBSdude: Thanks!
@oldguy: Naw, not really.
@D0M: Hey, great seein' ya again! I'm gonna be in this game for a good long while.
@JNP: Haha! Until there's an “edit” button added I'll just ignore your spelling mistakes. Madeline's got a lot of emotional baggage for sure, which is really too bad because it sounds like she'll have to give up hope of dating you. Poor girl.