Crimson Shifters Cover

KamiDaHobo on Aug. 18, 2006

Hello all.

This is the official cover for my story entitled ‘Crimson Shifters’. Updates will be made once I acquire my Wacom tablet and scanner from my parent's house. I'll use this to establish my art history, and the ideas I want to share in this story.

I'm a third-year college student, majoring in Film Directing and Production. I have four years of formal art training, ranging from Advanced Illustration to Graphic Design. I've won t-shirt design contests, as well as freelance design tournaments around my area. I've always had a passion for telling stories, and I've had Crimson Shifters established in written form for nearly five years.

It's a story that has my beliefs on life, love, and brotherhood (which is odd, since I'm an only child). Each update, I'll throw in some banter about why I made pages certain ways, in order to properly explain design choices made throughout the graphic novel's production cycle.

It's a pleasure to be on DrunkDuck, and I'll see you all very, very soon.