Crossbones Page 64

DrLuck on Aug. 4, 2010




A little over a year later, we finally have Crossbones finished! You have no idea how happy I am that this thing is finally done. It's been gnawing at me all summer.

So, what did you think? This you enjoy the story? Got a favorite part? Tell me your impression.

I still got two things left to update before I'm “officially” done. In the next few days, you'll be seeing a comic schedule here to check out to see what projects we'll be doing next. After that, I'll be posting the back cover page with information on the print version of Crossbones!

I'd like to thank you guys, too, for being so interested in Crossbones, with all the people faving the comic and especially for that wonderful feature! It really meant a lot to me that you all enjoyed the story that much.