Chapter 1, Page 5

alschroeder on Oct. 20, 2010

Again, done by Neil of DASIEN —although it's such a good imitation of Kittyhawk's style, I'm amazed. Here's his commentary:

"My philosophy here was that if you're in a character's home world, it should look like the character's home world. This happened a couple times in Crossoverlord, too, such as when the heroes found themselves in the Order of the Stick universe and the sprite comic universe. I took this as a challenge in not only capturing the spirit of a Yuuki comic, but also the actual style. I'm not saying that I drew this exactly the way Kittyhawk would, but I think I'm pretty damn close. I think my staging gives me away more than anything.

"The image of Hel in this page, however, is actually Kittyhawk's drawing. The character sheet she gave us was absolutely huge, and so I got the brilliant idea to simply slap it right into the comic.

"The script for this page is Al's. The boob-fondling, however, is entirely my contribution, as was the Princess Adora wall poster. Hey, of all the Masters Of The Universe characters, that's the one I'd want on my wall.

“See you next Tuesday!”

Slight qualification to the above. That's an “Order of the Stick”-like universe —we never got formal permission from the creator of OOTS to say they were definitely in that universe.

Neil will be handling the art next Tuesday, also.

For those who don't read SPARKLING GENERATION VALKYRIE YUUKI regularly (for SHAME!) the little doll-like guy is the Norse trickster god Loki (loooong story) and the furry guy is Hermod, messenger of the Norse gods (ditto). The guy who looks like the Norse thunder god Thor–a lot more than Lee and Kirby's Thor ever looked like the mythological Thor–is, oddly enough, Thor.

We're trying to update EVERY Tuesday—anything else is just an extra—but we're as anxious to start this story as you are to read it, so initially, we're doubling up. —Al