Chapter 1, Page 15

alschroeder on Dec. 8, 2010

HEROES UNITE was the first webcomics superteam that combined characters from different webcomics, preceding CROSSOVERLORD by a few months. (We had actually been planning it for a while, but had decided to wait till the CROSSOVER WARS finished.) It has since been succeeded by HEROES ALLIANCE.

Members pictured here include Energize, DASIEN, HELLFIRE, TAZER, the HU COMMANDER, TITAN, who's origin began with the “Stormfront”, Timesweep, BOMBSHELL, NEMESIS and LEGEND. Even so, this is far from the full membership of HEROES UNITE. Some of the characters had their own webcomics, come were created expressively for HU.

One thing we wanted to do in CROSSOVERKILL is get a “feel” for each universe as we visit it. (Moreso than in CROSSOVERLORD.) Hence Pilli, Paco, and Superpowergirl guest-starring in the Captain Perfect sequence. I wanted Mindmistress to visit the HUniverse, and immediately get into trouble. The HUniverse is a fascinating place…although before it's over, I'm sure MM will say it's a nice place to visit, but she wouldn't want to live there.

Two more updates next week, as Heroes Unite tries to take MM into custody.

Emphasis on “tries”.