Chapter 1, Page 22

alschroeder on Jan. 3, 2011

From Neil:
“Happy New Year!!!! And to bring in the New Year right (or is that RING in the New Year?), we have a spectacular page by Dan.

”Energize is a bit antsy to get out of there, but he's gonna have to learn to watch his step on the catwalk. Accidents do happen from time to time. Das even averted one such accident herself.

“Unfortunately, it's going to have to be a crash course for Energize. Marshall Brody, who we saw just a few pages ago, calls to warn our heroes of the approaching Heroes Unite team. Das stalls the best way she knows how… by showing a little… er… a LOT of leg.

”Hmm… Apparently Parker would agree that Dasien's new costume is really something to look at.

“Next page: Thursday. Be here.”