Echoes Through Time - Pg 135 "I'll Stop the World"

cru on Jan. 1, 2011

The first page of 2011! Open your windows and scream out in joy at the arrival of this highly anticipated update. Nozdormu, leader of the Bronze Dragonflight, emerges from a long, mysterious absence to step in and referee in this crazy game. Can these feuding parties reach an armistice or will Azeroth fall divided under the fist of Deathwing and his Dark Horde?

Update February 2nd 2011

The comic and myself are not dead - just on extended hiatus X_X;

My motherboard PCIe slot died on me and now lacking a replacement I've been stuck with an old PCI graphics card (NVIDIA FX5500) that will not let me do much lag-free with 3D applications or even take screen shots without distorting the rendered areas.

So here I am able to use the computer but to a limited extent; unable to play games, make the comic or watch videos. Web FLASH still plays but not that well. I'm going to eBay off my old laptop to cover the cost but since my system board is outdated and no longer in production I need to upgrade to something newer and faster, say an AMD Phenom II X4 rig. This will be a while ~_~