Vs. Force Field Part 1

SlideStudios on June 21, 2009

I am back and I am back with a “reboot” of Cubicles. I wanted to give the guys a little more focus and direction, but I also wanted to keep the lack of direction I had. So I figured the only way to do this was to have split personalities.

So here you have the first strip of Cubicles: Stripped. I am going to be throwing these up every Monday and Friday (hopefully, this is the first time I've given myself a schedule). They will be office humor mixed with some sci-fi elements. At least on Monday. On Friday, we go into the twisted mind of Wally and his reoccurring dream of being a talk show host. Be on the lookout for Celebrity appearances.

While Stripped is chugging along, I am going to be writing a graphic novel for the guys to appear in. Cubicles: The Movie if you will. This will take the guys out of the office and on a grand sci-fi adventure that I promised in my Zuda entry.

Well I hope you enjoy.