sorrrry again (new story teaser)

robamphetamines on May 4, 2007

Ok, I haven't updated in a little while so I felt like an explanation was in order…

First of all, this was finals week, so I had to spend alot of time studying and all that wonderful crap. I finished tests on Wednesday, but then I had to pack up my life in an oversized Kleenex box (my xB) and get home. Thursday I met with my boss to talk about shirt designs and stuffs and also visited my old high school's band concert. On top of all that my parents' wireless router doesn't work so I'm on this ancient computer of their's.

Also, most of the free time I've had I've spent obsessing over the new story I'm working on with the input of my amazing english masters degree-wielding sister.

So, as an apology, and hopefully compensation, I'm showing you this character design for my new story (not Anna Jones or whatever, this one has taken priority over her). I can't help but admit I'm slightly obsessed with drawing beards, but don't fret, the man you see before you is only a CO-main character. The other guy is beardless, I promise. The smudges in the top right are notes, so I didn't want anyone to see them. The phrase “ah munna eatchoo” however has no relevance to the story whatsoever, so I decided to leave it. It took alot for me to post this since I'm trying to keep everyone in the dark about this story, but I figured I had to post SOMETHING.

Anyways, enough lame apologies. More Clash coming SOON.