#89 SimpleThings

Hawk on May 4, 2006

It's kind of scary how much fun you could have with two people from the past. Especially if you were a person like Lane. Luckily these two are getting smarter and more accustomed, day by day.

Hey, many people don't know, but I have a forum for Culture Shock. It's small and humble, but recently it's gotten a little attention. The obvious benefits of visiting my forum and asking questions are that I can answer you directly with valid information and may even let stuff slip about things to come. The non-obvious benefit is that a forum-browsing movie producer might discover you and realize you're perfect for his new movie. I wouldn't count on the second one, but the first one's quite possible.

If you have any questions, or requests (i.e., “give us more of character X” or “we hate character Y”) feel free to stop by the Culture Shock forum and give a shout.