#90 Leveling Up

Hawk on May 11, 2006

Why was Hawk up until 7 a.m.?
- Because the file messed up halfway through inking and he had to make this page the hard way.
- Because he wants to improve the update schedule.
- Because he loves you.
- Because he wanted an update with which to share some news.

All of these are true. The news is, if you hadn't noticed before, Culture Shock has been reviewed in The Quack, Drunk Duck's well-established but underappreciated E-zine. The reviewers–Gregory, Terminal, and PT–have deliberated thoroughly over the various pros and cons of my comic. They've made me feel all warm and happy inside, and also gave me some important things to think about. I greatly appreciate the review and will use it to better Culture Shock.

Here's a link to the review: Culture Shock reviewed!
I warn you to bring your sense of humor.

Now, wanna talk about odd timing? I was also reviewed on The Gigcast, which is a podcast affiliated with Nightgig, a host close to the Drunk Duck's heart. In this drive-by review, Black Kitty and Mr. Spook review my comic and are probably much kinder than I deserve. They give me many compliments and some valuable feedback.

The link to this audio review is right here:
Culture Shock Drive-by
Thanks, Black Kitty and Mr. Spook! Your support and kindness are much appreciated and it inspires me to work harder on Culture Shock.

Last of all, I have a question for you that I was hoping you could answer in the forum: I'm considering selling prints at an upcoming convention (and maybe some online). Even if you were not the print-buying type, please stop by the thread I've made and tell me what kind of prints you think would be best. What would you want?