#163 Climb to the Top

Hawk on Sept. 19, 2010

I felt like this page worked just fine without dialogue and sound effects. Besides, how do you spell out a Donkey Kong sound? Plus, people can imagine their own dialogue if they want. Maybe Meinji is yelling something about the widening gap between the upper and lower class.

Here are replies to some of the last page's comments:

Darius Drake - Behold, you are correct. Alec made it all the way to the top.
jiminycricketX - Inter-team tension is what I was hoping to build this comic out of. It always makes me happy to show that Tadashi and Alec still don't always get along.
Hoolo - Yeah, But Tadashi does enjoy getting healed by Brooke after things like this. Now there's something to look forward to.
NeoDarklight - Meinji spent several years training in an arcade. His focus was on fighting games, but he didn't exactly avoid the classics.
Zane Solomon and Scythe Massakur - Yes, seriously… Donkey Kong.
b_templar428 - If Alec picked up a hammer, he couldn't climb ladders until it went away.
ZesuXII - Don't worry, he'll be okay and back to being almost cool in no time.
Marscaleb - Thanks! That's just the kind of thing I like to know!