#164 Evil Laments

Hawk on Oct. 24, 2010

Doug and Biff are either really stupid or easily entertained.

Sorry, everybody. It has been a really busy past couple of weeks. Work takes up a lot of my time.

ALSO: I did get a chance to fix a few bugs in the Culture Shock game. I'll put version 1.1 up for download soon. It actually has several new features that you readers requested!

Now, here are responses to some of the comments from the last page:

SoltBegins - I don't actually have access to Wine or any other Linux utility to test it. If anyone can test the game in Wine, could you please tell me if it works? I'm curious.
giovanni - Indeed it is real.
Oriru - I was unaware that there was any sort of standard for button placement of Jump and Punch. In fact, the placement you see now is based on several classic arcade games. Whatever the case, I think you'll be happy with v1.1 when it comes out.
jiminycricketX - Haha! I wish I could say all of my lost time from last week was work-related, but in truthfulness I've spent some time playing this game.
Xenterex - She sure does! I suppose I could have censored her 80's-Nintendo-style. But I didn't.
b_templar428 - I've been finding that in certain rare situations the game has trouble setting up a file environment to run the high scores… for instance, while I was trying to run Fraps. Another friend found that it didn't run well off his desktop. You may want to try putting the game in a different location.
electronb - Thanks! You know, I'm actually living out my old high school QBasic days, when any zany idea was good enough for a game. It's just that now I can actually finish these things.
Renamon - I hope this page has been worth the wait.
Marscaleb - Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all your feedback in the forum. I've actually put several of your ideas into practice for the v1.1 update.
blindsk - I'm glad you picked up on the cameo. To me, he's a legend. A hilarious legend.
Dragonaur - You know, it would be a total kick to play the game on the NES. It would be quite the trick to get it there, though.
Anonymous - Whoops! Actually, that's a very embarrassing typo from early in the game's development. I fixed it before the game was released. But it looks like I didn't notice the typo was still there in the screenshot. I've changed it now. Thanks for telling me.