(2005) Side Story - Page 07

Hawk on May 11, 2013

In case you missed it, there was a site-wide problem and Friday's page was put up late.  You can find the page immediately prior to this one if you didn't see it already.
You already know from reading the comic, but at the point this page was made, none of Brooke's siblings had ever been shown or talked about.  You can see the family on Page #177 and a little more grown-up on Page #221.  Because they are looked down upon by much of the kingdom, Brooke's family supports each other and is very tight-knit.
Transmogrification is a spell the elves used from time to time, but thanks to Brooke's cat episode you know it's a spell with its own hangups.
At one time I made an alphabet for the elves to use, and you can see it in this page.  However, I think I lost the file I used to construct it, so it's yet another language lost to history.