#423 Takoyaki

Hawk on April 20, 2014

Takoyaki is one of my favorite Japanese foods.  Osaka is well-known
for it inside of Japan, but back home I've noticed that it can be hard
to find.  I learned to make it, which can be a fun dinner when you
gather open-minded people together.
apologize for missing an update.  There was simply too much work this
last week, with all the overtime I've had to do.  What really bugs me is
that I ended a years-long update streak.  I hate to admit it, but the
little bit of time it bought me was REALLY nice.  I was able to put off
my half-finished page until the next update and that allowed me to go to
a convention and meet the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I
had a really good weekend, which I sort of needed.