Chapter 15- The Last Dance (Page 5)

BSP_Curt on Oct. 9, 2012

So that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed our little tale of love and revenge. Thanks for following us on this journey. You readers have been as instrumental in breathing life back into the Black Terror as anyone who helped create these pages. Creating Curse of the Black Terror has been such an amazing experience for me and has grown me as a comic writer and a fan. I’ve made some great friends, worked with some amazing artists and got to be part of the history of The  Black Terror.
Next week I’ll be posting a little something summing up the last two years of creating this comic and giving you guys a proper good bye. Hopefully we’ll be back with a second story arc focusing on a new Black Terror at some point, but sadly I just can’t afford to pay artists to make that happen at the moment. Maybe six months from now things will be different.
As for my plans between than and now, I’ll be finishing up my Mastema OGN fora Arcana studios, working on some submissions to bigger publishers with some friends and developing a new steampunk property of my own. I'm also thinking of doing some solo Grinning Jack stuff. That sound interesting to anyone?
Lastly, check out this great review of COTBT by Eblison Grun!