Children of The Mist 2.1

BSP_Curt on Feb. 21, 2013

Here comes the bad guy! These next ten pages will focus on just who that bad mofo facing off against Tim and his pals is. Enter Sinista X! I wrestled for a long time with this character. I like the character quite a bit, but I was unsure how he would be received. At the end of the day though, I make this comic for me, so I followed my heart. I hope you guys dig this new villain as much as I do.
On a different note… TARNISHED is here! Two ways to get it at the moment. Method 1 is to click here, and buy it through Drive Thru Comics for 99 cents. Method 2 would be to send 1.00 via paypal to with a note attached saying you want a PDF of Tarnished.
What is TARNISHED? Glad you asked! It’s a collection of four short comics that re-imagine characters from the Golden Age in a darker light! There’s even a Curse of The Black Terror story in there that is exclusive to the collection! For just a buck you can’t go wrong!