Children of The Mist 2.2

BSP_Curt on Feb. 21, 2013

So begins the origin of Sinista X.  I was really on the fence about bringing in a super villain that used to  be a horror core rapper. Figured it might turn some folks off. It just seemed to fit well though and I kept coming back to it. To give you an idea of how long this idea has been kicking around, swing on back to the chapter entitled “Sidekick” from our first story arc. The song playing on the radio in that chapter is a Sons of Sam tune.As you can tell, something’s not right with our antagonist here. He sure as hell gets better though. Any guesses how?In other news, there are two reviews up for  my new Anthology, Tarnished.  One is atComic Reviews Outside The Cube. The other is over at  3 Million years. Both are great sites that have been kind to me in the past. There’s an exclusive Black Terror story in there, so if you like what we do here consider snagging it off of Drive Thru Comics for 99 cents!