A Place Called Kokotomo Pt.3

RazorD9 on Sept. 25, 2014

Wanted this up sooner, but been busy with work and getting up before the sun! Ha, take that you flaming ball of gas!
So Cedrick and June are officially on the island as well as Blader. Which brings up a few rules I have with the capers I have for myself in regards to cameos. Try to fit in as many characters in an attempt to feature all character. Avoid any large plots unless working with another author. Do character cameos of character that made it to the island before anything else. Keep my own plot easy going to allow tag alongs and possible crossovers. Also to take some time to read through some of the comics of the other participants to get a feel for their characters. So many new people this year, though fortunate that some of there comics aren't that far along. Still a bit behind on others though.

Been playing with scaling in gimp to see how super small I can make my sprites smaller yet recognizable. Can anyone guess the characters in the distant in panel 2? Gave you guys enough hints to narrow it down.
Catch up with the caper here!