concept 9-10

Dark_Bullet on Oct. 24, 2009

concept 9:

Iori gets teh door open
Iori: I know, I know. i'm getting a room-mate right?? -leans down- this is him right?

Iori squats down next to coope's height and asks him if he's hungry, then goes on to explain why he was late, he had gone shopping for food. Night nods and turns back to Coope, urging him to stop hiding.

Iori: Hey, Coope. My name is Iori, i'll be just like a bodyguard, or a brother, whichever you want, kay?" (something along those lines)

concept 10:

After a moment of hesitation, Coope finally steps forward. Iori smiles and repeats his earlier question of if Coope is hungry. Coope replies uncertainly not noticing as Night takes a step back.
Iori looks to Night and tells her that he can take care of everything from there. night nods in understanding, turning around and looking back over her shoulder to the two.

Night: don't be afraid to give me a call if you need anything, okay boys?
Iori: yes Night sensei (salute)

Night leaves them and it skips scenes into the house, starting with a bowl of ramen being set down on the table.