Chapter 1, Page 1: Ketchup Soup

SarahN on Nov. 20, 2011

This comic begins with BLOO–…ketchup.

Yeah, I was having one of those ‘feeling impatient’ moments, so here's the first page of the chapter. I am considering making it Monday updates instead of Tuesday though.

A couple of notes:
1: As far as I know, there is no Oak Parkland, IL…but there is an Oak Park, which is what this place is going to be based off of. I adjusted the town name to show this stuff won't be entirely accurate despite my efforts. XD …and I wanted to use a semi-fictional place anyway.

2: “Knock's” was the name of the pub Topaz worked at in VPX, though here it's more like a cafe. Thought it'd be a funny little easter egg.

Also, I'm aware of how awful that first panel is. Sorry….but at least I'm rather fond of the car. =/