Chapter 2, Page 10: Scarred

SarahN on July 6, 2012

First getting angry, now making Christine flustered? Stop acting so out of character, Daniel.

Did I mention this story ended up having a lot more sexual tension than I was expecting? Notice I said “sexual tension”, not “romance”. Oh, there’s a little romance, but not much. This is not a romantic story.

Hm, yes, it was kind of polite to light the other person’s cigarette in the ’30′s, though I’m not sure if this expected of people or not, or more expected of women. Cigarette lighting etiquette of the 1930′s is kind of hard to find information on, I’m just kind of going by a wee bit I read and old movies here.

Though here’s another fun history fact that I should’ve brought up in chapter 1 – Women didn’t ask guys out in the 1930′s. If they did, they were considered a hussy. Hence why Christine didn’t just push for a date, Daniel had to be the one to do it.

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