One More

Popindia on April 15, 2010

Long downtime = Fail at making pages

Well, I had hard time doing it xP But it's up, and I'm pretty happy to just get a page done.

So, I've had a couple of weeks of downtime, and during this time I have made a few decisions:

1) As soon as I've concluded this chapter, “Daron” is going on a hiatus for a little while. I have my exams to think about right now, and would really like to get this comic out of my mind while I deal with these finals. I don't know exactly how long this hiatus is going to last, but a couple of months maximum.

2) While “Daron” is on a break, I'll still update “Around Which The Universe Revolves” if I think of something funny or interesting that deserves sharing.

3) After the summer vacation, I'm going to start at the gymnasium. This will mean more homework, less comic-time. That's why I've decided to finally start using a schedule. Right now, I don't know exactly how this schedule is going to look, but it's going to consist of 1-2 pages a week. Of course, until I start at the gymnasium, I'll be updating randomly as always.

I'll make sure to make the next page this weekend x)