Methuselah: Strip 1

bomberanian on July 11, 2007

I was so sad. :( My computer shut off, after I started this one ;_; Well, I didn't get that far, so I guess it could be worse…

I was pissed about the flame shirt. I tried doing the flames via my Eye Candy plugin on PSP. Then, later that day, after I'd finished everything all up, I found a way of making flames that was 10 times better, and took half the time to do. –;; Go figure. I'll do that the next time he appears.

By the way, meet Willow and Shark, two friends of Teller and Noir. Not really Xue, though. I, literally, forgot to put their names in until just now, as I was writing this commentary. I know, maybe that's a little cheesy. What I should've done was included Shark's name in what Teller said. But then Willow would go unintroduced. That, and I, personally, think it's really weird to say someone's name, unless you're getting their attention, or making a particular emphasis on something. Though, I think that's just me, and other people say the names of other people much more often than I do. XD Little bitta weirdness, thar XD

I lost the original sketch I did of this, so I redid it. I only found it after I inked this one. It was on the same page as the morning sickness strip. I, actually, drew these months ago. It's just, y'know, the whole shit that happened with my computer… I actually liked the first one better, but I was not about to waste ink and eraser on doing it all over again. Maybe if I were richer… It's actually quite funny. Everything in the two versions of the strips are completely opposite from one another. In the first panel, the other end of the couch is showing, Shark and Willow are reversed, Teller's facing the opposite way in the second panel, in the third panel, Shark's facing the opposite way, and in the fourth panel, Teller gets up from the other side of the chair. Weird how that worked out…

I have a newfound love-hate relationship with the typing function in PSP. I love what it does for the Comic Book Commando font (which is what I mostly use for DMMK.) Instead of the hard-to-read, pixelated version (which you'll see in most of the previous panels) it bolds it out a little bit, and makes it much easier to read. But for almost every other font, it sucks. For example, I was really hard-pressed to find a font on my computer that would work in PSP's methods while I was typing Willow and Shark's names.

By the by, most of my friends are in the goth and anime/gamer subcultures, so you're bound to see tons of black clothing. :D Hm… that leaves me with a difficulty for discrepancy… Oh well. I'll figure it out.