Chapter 7, Page 1

Neilsama on May 21, 2013

So, when last we left off, Dasien was fighting Ruby.  Um… Let's just pretend the last couple years of no Dasien updates didn't happen.

Oh, and fans of Liberty, you may squeal with delight, because I found and rescued some classic content from (Literally! Had I not done so, they would have been deleted FOREVER!!!)

Three non-graphic stories await you. They haven't been readily available on the internet in ten years.

For Honor And Liberty
A story wherein Liberty takes on a ninja assassin, loaded with tons of retro-logic about ninjas.

A “Bootleg” Comic Adventure
A “bootleg” Liberty adventure with tons of meta-fictional jokes, written like an outline for a comic book and referencing events in other comic books that don't even exist.

A Young Bug's Fancy
A story all about the Gizmo Bug. Also featuring the return of Major Galina Kozlov and the Valkyries!

As for Dasien, we'll be back this Thursday with an actual new page!

See you then.