Chapter 11 - Page 14

Neilsama on Jan. 17, 2017

Last July, “Happy Birthday To You” was relegated to the public domain in a US court, meaning that its use is no longer restricted by the hefty royalty fee commanded by Warner/Chappell. Just a few weeks ago, the copyright expired in the European Union, meaning that everywhere it actually counts worldwide, use of this song is now completely legal. (Feel free to point out that the earlier song is still copyrighted.)

I've been going back through my notes, trying to determine at what point in the writing phase this chapter became Michelle's birthday party. It seems to have come about as soon as Warner/Chappell lost their hold on the song. Originally, this karaoke bar scene had nothing to do with any birthday party. I'm glad it does now, because the event kind of gels the whole chapter together.

One quick note about the artwork. You see Parker's pose in the first panel? It looks like she was clearing her throat, but that doesn't hook up with the last page at all. There was a scene between the two pages, but the information in that scene got moved somewhere else. I didn't catch it until the chapter was almost done, and I decided it wasn't worth fixing, but I notice it every time.