Lovesick Bug - Page 1

Neilsama on July 4, 2015

The Gizmo Bug escapes from jail again!
Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I decided that July 4th needed to be the debut of yet another chapter of the Platinum Patriot, Liberty The American Girl!
These “Adventures Of” tales will be much shorter than the regular Liberty chapters.  And they'll be laced with my personal fucked-up sense of humor.  So if you're missing Dasien, don't fret too much.
I'd actually like to open up Liberty adventures to the community, if anyone would like to take a swing at writing for her.
As for today's comic, it appears that Gizmo Bug has once again broken out of jail, but he seems rather melancholy, as if someone special has been missing from his life.
Stay tuned for more!