Lovesick Bug - Page 7

Neilsama on Jan. 8, 2016

If these could be audio comics, Gizmo Bug's foot steps would be accompanied by the Mysterioso Pizzicato.

So the main reason I stalled on this story before was that I hit a brick wall on this page. Originally, Libby was just going to be waiting for him at the electronics lab, and the whole thing would have been a huge anti-climax.

At the heart of it, I think it was just that the premise was good, but the execution fell flat. Kind of like what happened with the Star Wars prequels. You can easily fall into the George Lucas trap of forgetting to be entertaining while you're playing out your sequence of events.

So back to the drawing board (no pun intended). I shuffled a few panels around and came up with something that played kind of funny. So I think I can finish this comic now and not have it feel so pointless.

By the way, you can totally tell that's Liberty's silhouette if you were following the conversation from a couple pages ago.