Lovesick Bug - Page 3

Neilsama on July 27, 2015

Happy Monday, Das heads!
And now we find out what Gizmo Bug is agonizing about.  It's not Goldie, like some of you thought.  He misses his Platinum Patriot, Liberty the American Girl!
She is the titular character of this particular story, after all.

Hey, check out the Azumorph and Pulsar Pureheart cameos!
By the way, just for some of my comic art friends, there will be a special Dasien & Liberty Double Digest this Christmas.  I have a set of “rules” that you can read right here, if you would like to be a guest artist in the compilation.  It can be a Liberty comic, a Dasien comic, or even a crossover comic with the two!  I'll also let anyone do a single-page Parker Lynn Bailey comic, if you prefer!
Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite comics in the Drunk Duck awards!