Completely Unnecessary Crossoverlord Plug

Neilsama on Nov. 17, 2014

Curse my showmanship.
Most of you have probably already read The Crossoverlord, but for those who haven't, it's the next big arc for Dasien and her new friends from across the webcomic multiverse.
I make no bones about this being a blatant advertisement.  Crossoverlord is something I'm rather proud of.  While it is by no means perfect, it's where I really started to learn how to write, and I had a blast working with Al Schroeder as we nurtured the growing love/hate relationship between Dasien and Mindmistress.
The comic exists here on Drunk Duck, but it's badly compressed due to a server move.  A newer archive of Crossoverlord (and Crossoverkill) is being published right now on Smackjeeves, and to sweeten the deal, and with Dan Magee's permission, I've included the extra chapters from Bad Guy High Adventures. 
If you've never read these before, now is a good time to jump in.  It's a fun read, and it'll tide you guys over until I get some fresh comics released.
As always, thanks for reading.