Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams: Page 10

KnaveMurdok on March 22, 2011

Few days late, sorry guys!

So! Maybe things will work out for Dave after all, right? Yeah, I'll just let you believe that, until next week.

There really isn't much to say this week! which is funny, because i'm usually so darn chatty. The down side of which is of course that I tend to repeat myself a lot. That's something I'd like to avoid on these blogs ^^

Wonder Con is a mere week and two days away!
I'll be there, but in no official capacity. I don't have a table, but I DO have a seller's permit. I'm sure I'll be able to get away with some beneath the table tom-foolery. How awesome is that?

As awesome as Wonder Con is, it's May I'm really looking forward to.

System of a Down, Big Wow Con and Fanime!

Big Wow is now official for me, I have my table.
Fanime will be very similar to Wonder Con, I'll just be hangin' around, doin' mah thang! But… that is what Fanime is for anyway.

System of a Down though… well that's just System of a Down! A concert I've been wanting to see for five years. I don't wanna blur the line between this and my music blog, but the last time I saw System was somewhat of an unpleasant experience, because I lost a ring at the venue that my ex-fiance's father gave to me. Despite the show being incredible, i was pissed off at the loss of the ring, and the general attitude of most of the attendees. System is a damn god band, but since they first came around, it seems like a lot of their fan base is made up of snotty, self righteous teens who believe themselves to be br00tal because they're way into this nu-metal band. That can be a difficult attitude to deal with, especially in a small venuse filled with more people than it was probably meant to hold :P

Despite that, I am very much looking forward to this show :)