Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams: Page 1

KnaveMurdok on Feb. 14, 2011

Dave is back, as I promised he would be.
I apologize for the update being late, but there's been lots going on here, too much, I'd say. There are big changes in order here, and I'll be honest when i say I am in no way ready for them. I'll try to not let them get in the way of comics too much though.
So yeah! Dave! People responded to this, like a lot! Here's a little history lesson for you. I did Dave first as a doodle, and used that doodle to fill a place during a week when I had no comic prepared. This was back when I was still doing Blood Will Tell vol. 1, and THAT was back when I was still calling it “Another Place, Another Time.” So anyway, Dave filled space for that week, but he got some laughs! It wasn't long before I was having Dave guest star every other couple weeks, just because I kept on hearing great stories from my friend Steve, and kept on figuring out ways to turn them into jokes, with punchlines. After that, the full fledged story was pitched. I culdn't help but think about the Simpsons, a giant phenomenon which spawned form little animated shorts that aired on a random ass variety show back in the day. Dave the Punk Rock Cat is FAR from phenomenon status, but he is my most successful character to date! And lo and behold, he spawned from nothing but a little doodle I did to fill time!
When you get right down to it though, isn't that all I'm doing with comics? Filling time? ;-)