Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams: Page 9

KnaveMurdok on March 22, 2011

I'm getting lazier and lazier, and as a result am up later and later finishing comics.
I'm also getting more and more particular about how I want my finished products to look, so that's been keeping me up even later. The unfortunate side effect is that I need to forgo a lot of my other projects, like my music blog, and also sleep.

I am however relived, because I'm managed to write myself out of my little corner. I was worried at first, because I thought the direction this story was going, was going to end it prematurely, and after only 9 pages, that's not something I was prepared to do.

I know real writers have these things called outlines, so they know ahead of time where the story is headed and how many pages it will take up. I don't believe in outlines, or planning anything, or for that matter, about doing anything real. My outline is in my head, dammit! I am riding this comic like a rocket ship into a wormhole! I don't know where it will take us anymore than you do. Granted I have a vague idea of the course, but these controls are shaky and the wormhole in uncharted! A lot of this would make a lot more sense if I were writing a Sci-Fi comic, but you will have to do with the punk rock cat for now!

I'd like to note: lots of girls again in this comic, get used to it, you'll be seeing girls and girl's legs for many pages to come!