The 4ums - 003

Senretsu on June 30, 2007

An epic re-enactment of the grand opening day.
'Course, I opened it early ‘Cause I was slacking off on the coding and graphics and it would’ve ended up as another “Coming out shortly before I die” project. Being another project wiped clean off the internet, I said “Fuck it” and cut this comic off right where it is. Yeah. All 3 glorious issues now on DD. XP

Also, Porg's sprite joins the others in the banner. The Idea was that everytime a new character was introduced, he'd become a permanent part of the banner. Never got very far as you can see. ^^;

Me & Porg figured out some plotholes in SG so you should see an update of that some year. Very lethargic recently, we'll see how it all pans out.