Drop Dead Cover

Shadows in the Rain on July 22, 2008

Soooo… I want to make this clear first: This has nothing to do with Death Wish. It's a mini arc to keep you guys entertained for a short while.

I was lazy and stupid and didn't make the script for the next few Death Wish pages D; My sincere apologies for being such a bad comic author.

Anyways, this is about a boy named Loe Hostwich who couldn't get the bullies off his back, with the additional weight of having lost his only and best friend, Olivia.

I'll be adding pages randomly. I'm hoping I'll get a few more pages tonight, and a few pages each day. I have camp next week so if I don't end the mini arc by then you'll have to wait a week for the updates >_>;;

DEATH WISH WILL BE BACK. This is just a short… vacation from it =3 While I get to work on the scripts…

;A; please be patient with meeee!

P.S. Emily and the Oracle is me, that's my Smack Jeeves account, which is where Death Wish was originally on (and still is).

So no, I'm not stealing this D|