chuckHarrison on Sept. 4, 2009

Once I heard about the whole Disney buying Marvel for 4 billion thing I laughed. I looked over at my son Dylan who was busy drawing his favorite superhero Spiderman and said, ‘Hey buddy, looks like Mickey’s going to be Spiderman's best friend!' He smiled and then shook his head saying that I was joking. After a few back and forths I convinced him that I was telling the truth. A rather hard thing to do with a head strong 5 year old.
Once that task was completed I began to tell him how much Disney paid for The House of Ideas. He had no idea how much 4billion was and once I told him it was enough to buy whatever he wanted to he smiled and said ‘Spiderman’s gonna be able to buy alot more webs with that, maybe he won't run out all the time anymore!'
I laughed and then the compact florescent light bulb that dangles over my head burst! As quick as humanly possible I opened CorelPainterX and sketched the comic that you see today. There was no pencils or inks, just my sons remark and a smirk on my face.