DetectiveFork on April 23, 2007

Loretta Sharp was raised by her grandfather, a kindly but mad scientist who simply calls himself The Professor. Loretta assisted her grandfather in the lab in his house but, to The Professor's chagrin, she took less of an interest in science and more of an interest in journalism, which she believed to be a noble profession to serve the public. As The Professor's inventions had until that point been mechanical distractions, he was inspired by Loretta's beliefs to focus his energies on something that could benefit mankind - and win his granddaughter's respect. By the time Loretta had graduated journalism school and become a cub reporter at the Silver City Sentinel, The Professor had created an amazing invention - the Gravimatrix, a personal device that allowed its user to alter the gravity around him or her. When The Professor proudly showed it to Loretta, he was startled when she said she wanted to make use of the device herself. Loretta enjoyed her work at the Sentinel but didn't get to pursue the important stories she wanted because of her inexperience and because of colleagues who doubted her abilities because of her gender. She wanted to use the Gravimatrix to enable her to fly and lift heavy objects, to become a SuperFork that could help mankind and at the same time prove how strong women could be. The Professor was worried of the danger but saw her resolve and never really could deny anything to his granddaughter. The two of them designed a flame retardant suit, which Loretta would store with the collapsible Gravimatrix in her purse. She would be enabled to fly and “lift” heavy objects but would have no more durability than the average utensil. Few suspected that quiet and serious Loretta Sharp was moonlighting as the bright and bubbly SuperFork.

Loretta is pictured here in her third costume, which she wears during the day. It is an upgrade of first costume (scandalously showing more midriff) and incorporates elements from her night costume, which was designed by Detective Fork.