Happy Birthday Fan Art from Used Books

JustNoPoint on April 7, 2010

Copy paste from when I posted this on Devon Legacy on April 2nd 2010

As you probably gathered by this picture Vickie from Used Books sent me… today I turn 29 years OLD. I actually remember when I made up some of these characters I still thought some of their ages were so far away.
Now I'm older than the characters I considered “The older adult cast” XD

Ah well. Guess I'll do what most ppl this age do. Get back to work on my comic!!! Speaking of which– there will be updates soon. I've been working on something that I'll announce on my next Devon Legacy update. I think it'll make Prologue fans happy and me wanting to work even harder.

This page will be moved to the fan art section when I update the next time. I love this birthday gift by the way ^_^

I get a nice warm feeling by seeing Fenny and Sally hanging around the new girl Emella. They all 3 need to start up a book store and try to solve mysteries while getting drugged and drowned by evil crime syndicate peoples! =D