Episode 1 END

P13volution on April 24, 2010

If you haven't seen the updates yet, here's your heads up. Check out Pages 10-22, it's all new.

I know what you're thinking. The same picture you used for the Hiatus page? The same terrible pun? Well you know what, I just posted 13 new pages today. I'm tired and unoriginal, sue me.

Okay like I said, my life is too hectic right now for a weekly schedule. Even with a weekly schedule, I can only produce 2 1/3 episodes a year. That means this comic could take almost 20 years (!!) or more for this comic to reach the conclusion I'm planning. With my track record even that will be difficult. So not only are weekly deadlines nearly impossible for me at this point in time, they are also unreasonable in the long run.

Now if I can't do weekly pages and definitely can't keep two deadlines a week (like I would like to right now), it looks like biweekly or monthly multi-updates. I'm thinking about posting 6 pages on the first of every month, not only is that a reasonable deadline for a spacey spaz like me, but it will also mean that the story will move along faster than if it were weekly. Its unconventional sure, but I already know I can handle larger updates with less deadlines. I'm sure I can figure out where to go from there…

That is of course when I decide to put an end to this hiatus.

So I learned a lot from this experience, even some things I couldn't employ in this chapter, but I don't know… I started this comic using a more cartoonified version of the Digimon DS titles' art style, but now that a new Digimon DS title is coming out and employing a more classical Digimon art style, I'm not sure anymore. Should I switch to something more similar to the Season 1-4 style? Maybe I'll give it a test run before I start Episode 2 and gauge the response.

I've set up a Twitter page to keep people updated on my various endeavors, so if you're interested please give it a look:
I'll definitely update it more often than this page if I can get some followers.