Digital Desire pages 16+17 spread

Lace on Aug. 25, 2007

Hi everyone! Here is pages 16 and 17 of digital desire! Its a 2 page spread and I think that it came out rather well. This is the first 2 page spread in the story as a matter of fact. Actually, I love the shadow effect that I did in the middle of the spread. Totally cool!
Thanks to those who joined my contest. I hope to get some good results soon. Try to get people to go to the page and vote on the top three. I will also start working on the prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners. Thanks again everyone! Enjoy the new page of Digital Desire!

OH! P.S. dont forget to check out my best friends comic here on drunk duck! Show her some love for me pl0x~ Thanks! The name of the comic is Winged Angel Paradox and the url is: . Dont forget to also check out her Art Book too. Thanks!