Welcome to the Contest voting

Lace on June 23, 2007

VOTING IS ON! It will end two weeks from now! Two Fridays from now! Get your friends to vote!


Here goes the contest voting everyone! Sorry I sort of misstook the ending of the contest time so if its ok, please wait for a while to vote until I know for sure if there are not other people who are joining GOMEN! Dont send the giant mutant cyber monkeys to eat me please! The contest is actually supposed to end on July the 20th but since its up early, i'll more than likely expand the contest to other people who would like to try out for it! But anyways, heres how the voting system works!


Since there are only a small amount of entries, this is what i'm going to do. Everyone will vote on every contest entry (except reyas 2nd form). The voting will last for a a whole week from today. The artists who did the drawings are not allowed to vote to be fair. These are the numbers that you will use for the voting process. They are the numbers that you would nomrally use to score the artwork but i will use them for voting purposes~ You can only vote each number 1 time. I will count the number of votes once the voting period ends. Each person with the most added votes wins!

5- My absolute favorite pick to join digital desire!
4- This one is really good and I like it alot!
3- Not in my top choices, but this one is good too.
2- This character is ok/I am indifferent
1- I'm not feeling this character.

Don't forget to read through the characters bios to help determine your choice as well. With this contest its not all based on the art. All aspects of the character must fit what you would like to see.

Well, i'm through rambling on about the voting system. Remember, the voting will end July 20th. Have fun everyone!