Filler-Gamin' On the Greatest Station

Kikaru on June 23, 2007

Hey, it's summer vacation. I get to screw around as much as I like! Those are all the games I've been playing the most, except Densetsu 3 up there to to right. I just put that in cause “Deathjester” sounds downright friggen silly. I find myself screaming “DEATHJESTAH!” each time I see him XD Notice that kirby is up there as well. I blame YOU! >.o

Actually, I'm suprised at how much the SNES was capable of. I mean, alot of the Square stuff has full voice cutscenes, which I thought was impossbile on the SNES. And, current games may have some neat 3D stuff…but it's amazing what you can do with pixels, it can look really beautiful. And there's alot of innovation going on, especially in Square's games. I mean, why has Square continued the FF franchise so much? There are some truly amazing games with WAY better battle systems than the unrealistic ATB. Better battle systems THEY made up! Are we just not importing alot of Squares stuff from Japan? I'm only a casual gamer, I really don't know these things XD

Sooooo Dirty Pages is kinda stuck because I'm stuck on games. I'm a horrible obsessvie person, with no sense of schedule unless its set down by the higher powers, ie my boss telling me to come to work XD